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Since Allergan's inception, bringing the best of medicine to the forefront of patient care has always entailed a commitment to interaction and involvement: Listening to Healthcare Providers and addressing patient needs. We work diligently to make sure we are providing the tools and channels to keep the conversation as dynamic and direct as possible.

Allergan supports numerous professional, patient, caregiver, consumer and policy organizations that share our goal of advancing healthcare for all. Allergan strives to support programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life of patients. Consistent with this mission, Allergan provides funding to support programs for the healthcare community where the programs relate to the therapies, disease states, or other public health topics in therapeutic categories in which Allergan participates through its products and research. Allergan also provides funding to support patient and caregiver education programs and other types of important healthcare initiatives to enhance treatment and care.

Announcement: FRXIS Online System is Closed for new funding requests. Please visit our new site for submitting a funding request:
FRXIS Active Grants: Access to the FRXIS grant management system will not change. All FRXIS requestors must complete outstanding reconciliation processes for active grants within FRXIS by April 30, 2017 after that date the system will no longer be accessible. Active Grants with a planned completion date later than Feb 15, 2017 will be migrated into the new system for completion, reconciliation, and closure as applicable.

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